10 foods us Brits can’t do without

The  Staff Canteen

The Staff Canteen

Editor 30th July 2014
By Rebecca Smith Do you love a good curry, or do you like a traditional Sunday Roast Dinner? We went out to find the 10 popular foods we Brits love to eat. Here’s what we found:

10) Cake: Sponge cake

Whether you like a traditional Victoria sandwich or something more extravagant, we Brits simply can’t say no to a good slice of cake. It is our favourite sweet food.

9) Steak and Chips:

Either rump or sirloin, a good medium rare steak served with chips is an ultimate favourite in British pubs and restaurants. The simplicity yet juicy flavours are an ideal dish for the hungry Briton.


8) Mexican:

A new craze has seen Mexican cuisines popping up everywhere across the UK. “What do you call a cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho Cheese”, and it’s definitely not British but we love it anyway. Currently labelled as street food, Mexican dishes are our new favourites.  

7) The Italian Stallions:

Pizza, pasta and lasagne. These could easily take over four spaces of the top 10 list. Simple, delicious with lots of variations, Italian cuisine is a British favourite ever since it was first introduced to us in the 19th century.  

6) Chinese:Chinese food

Whether it consists of a Peking Duck Wrap, Sweet and Sour Chicken, or Beef Stir-fry, Chinese food has become a staple cuisine in the British diet. It was first popularised in Britain in the 60s and since then we have fallen in love with the unusual mix of flavours.  

5) Fish and Chips:

  No other country can do it better. Battered cod with large-cut, deep-fried chips and side of mushy peas. Fish and chips started off as a stock working class meal but has grown to become a favourite past time.  

4) Indian:

It’s been over 200 years since we were first introduced to the spices of Indian cuisine. The spice trade had opened British doors to the hot flavours India is famous for and ever since then we’ve been hooked. From a favourite korma to the mind blowing and tongue-numbing vindaloo, Indian has become a favourite meal to have out at a restaurant or at home.  

3) Full English Breakfast:Full_english_breakfast

Packed full of eggs, bacon, sausage and toast, the full breakfast is the perfect meal to start the day. It is so popular that many cuisines tend to serve the meal all day!

2) Roast Dinner:

If there is one meal that represents British culture then this is it. The Sunday Roast has religious origins as the roast dinner would be typically meal served straight after Sunday service. This large meal would have been the first meal since fasting from the day before. Meat and veggies topped with gravy has continued to be a favourite British dish that no one can say no to.  

bacon sandwich

1) And the winner is….. Bacon Sandwiches!

Yes, an unusual favourite, but for simple reasons a bacon sandwich is the UK’s favourite food. Either as a lunch, snack or a cheeky breakfast, the bacon sandwich unifies everything British. Even the famous BLT is a variant of our beloved bacon sarnie. Add ketchup or brown sauce and you have the perfect comfort food.
The  Staff Canteen

The Staff Canteen

Editor 30th July 2014

10 foods us Brits can’t do without