Michelin Guide UK 2023: Can you lose a Michelin Star once you get it?

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Can you lose a Michelin Star once you get it?

Obtaining a Michelin Star is a significant achievement for any restaurant. The prestigious culinary recognition bestowed by the renowned Michelin Guide is an indication of exceptional quality and dining experience. However, the question arises: Can a restaurant lose its Michelin Star once it has been awarded? The short answer is yes, it is possible to lose a Michelin Star. Let's delve deeper into the reasons behind such occurrences and the impact on the establishments involved.

The Criteria for Earning a Michelin Star

Before exploring the possibility of losing a Michelin Star, it is important to understand the criteria for receiving one. The Michelin Guide employs anonymous inspectors who assess restaurants based on a stringent set of standards. These standards include the quality of ingredients, mastery of flavors and techniques, consistency, and the personality of the chef's cuisine.

A Michelin Star represents excellence in all these aspects, with each star signifying different levels of achievement. One star suggests a very good restaurant, two stars indicate exceptional cuisine worth a detour, and three stars represent extraordinary culinary mastery worth a special journey.

Reasons for Losing a Michelin Star

While earning a Michelin Star brings tremendous recognition and prestige, it does not guarantee its indefinite retention. There are several reasons why a restaurant may lose a star:

  1. Decline in Quality: Maintaining the high standards required for a Michelin Star is arduous, and any decline in quality can result in the loss of this accolade. Consistency in providing outstanding food, service, and overall dining experience is paramount.
  2. Change in Chef: Michelin Stars are often tied to the chef responsible for the cuisine. If a renowned chef departs from a restaurant, it may lead to a re-evaluation by the Michelin Guide and potentially a loss of star(s).
  3. Evolution of Cuisine: Chefs constantly strive to push boundaries, innovate, and evolve their culinary style. In this pursuit, a change in cuisine that does not align with the expectations set by the Michelin Guide may result in the retraction of stars.
  4. Shift in Focus or Concept: Sometimes, restaurants choose to shift their focus, such as from fine dining to casual or from traditional cuisine to fusion. While such changes may be well-received by customers, they could lead to a reevaluation by Michelin inspectors, potentially impacting the restaurant's star rating.

The Impact of Losing a Michelin Star

Losing a Michelin Star can have varying effects on a restaurant, depending on its circumstances and reputation. For some establishments, it may lead to a decline in customers, particularly those who seek out Michelin-starred dining experiences. The loss of a star can also affect the perception of the restaurant within the culinary industry and among food critics.

However, it is important to note that losing a Michelin Star does not necessarily mean the restaurant's overall quality has drastically diminished. It could simply indicate that the restaurant no longer meets the specific criteria outlined by the Michelin Guide at the time of reassessment. Moreover, it should be remembered that the Michelin Guide plays a significant role in promoting and elevating culinary standards, and its evaluations are subjective.

"Losing a Michelin Star can be disheartening for a restaurant, but it does not define its worth or potential."

The most important aspect for any restaurant is to focus on continuing to provide an exceptional dining experience to its patrons. While a Michelin Star is undoubtedly an esteemed accolade, true success lies in consistently delivering top-notch cuisine and service that resonates with customers.


Earning a Michelin Star represents the pinnacle of culinary achievement and recognition. However, it is indeed possible to lose a Michelin Star once it has been awarded. The reasons for losing a star can vary from a decline in quality to changes in key personnel or culinary direction. While the loss of a Michelin Star may have an impact on a restaurant's reputation and clientele, it should not overshadow the overall value and potential of the establishment. Ultimately, restaurants must prioritize providing exceptional dining experiences and continually strive for excellence, regardless of recognition by the Michelin Guide.

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Editor 24th September 2023

Michelin Guide UK 2023: Can you lose a Michelin Star once you get it?