Veal gribiche, lovage puree, hazelnut and white asparagus.



Premium Supplier 11th December 2018

Veal gribiche, lovage puree, hazelnut and white asparagus.

A light veal dish, complimented with lovage to bring freshness to the front of the mouth. Cooking Time: 2.5 hours. Preparation Time: 45 minutes. Serves 4.


  • Chefs Tip: Try this recipe with pork cheeks instead.
  • Ingredients List:
  • Veal
  • 4 x Veal cheeks (approximately 100g each)
  • 500ml CHEF:registered: All Natural Veal Stock
  • 150ml Water
  • 10g CHEF:registered: Signature Red and Port Wine Paste
  • Gribiche
  • 35g Cornichons (cut into brunoise)
  • 30g Capers (finely diced)
  • 10 g Piccalilli
  • 75g Light Mayonnaise
  • 15g Chardonnay vinegar
  • 1 Hard boiled egg (cut into brunoise, keep the egg white for use too)
  • 10g Chervil leaves
  • 2.5g Tarragon leaves
  • 10g Parsley leaves
  • 4g Chives
  • 30g crème fraiche
  • 100g Panko breadcrumbs
  • 100g Plain flour
  • 2 Free Range Eggs
  • 20g grapeseed oil
  • Lovage Puree
  • 300g Lovage (blanched and squeezed dry)
  • 100g Spinach
  • ½ tsp cornflour
  • 3g Sugar
  • 2g Salt
  • White Apraragus
  • 8 Spears white asparagus (peeled and bottom 1cm discarded)
  • 2 slides of white bread & 1 tsp. salt (for cooking liquid)
  • 2 litres water
  • 20g hazelnuts


For the veal:
Sear the veal cheeks on both sides, until they have an even coated colour. Cover with the 500ml of CHEF:registered: ALL Natural Veal Stock and the water. Place in the oven at 180* for approximately 2 – 2.5 hours. Remove the cooked veal cheeks from the liquid and set aside. Strain the liquid through a fine sieve and reduce by two thirds, and then add the CHEF:registered: Signature Red and Port Wine Paste.
For the gribiche:
Place the cornichons, capers, picallili and egg white into a bowl and mix in the mayonnaise and vinegar. Pass the hard boiled egg yolk through a fine sieve and add to the mix. Chop the chervil, tarragon, parsley and chives and stir into the bowl. Whisk the crème fraiche to soft peaks in a separate bowl, and then gently fold into the other mixture. Put the mixture into a flat tray, cover with cling film and refrigerate until fully set.
In the meantime, prepare the breading mixture using the panko breadcrumbs, plain flour and the two eggs.
Once set, remove the gribiche from the refrigerator and cut into 3cm cubes. Dust each cube in the breading mixture. Coat with a little grapeseed oil and fry in a pan to set the coating, drain on kitchen paper and set aside until needed.
For the lovage puree:
Blanch lovage and spinach, refresh in iced water, squeeze dry, and extract juice through a centrifugal juicer. Thicken with the cornflour and season with sugar and salt.
For the asparagus:
Bring water, salt and bread to the boil and blanch asparagus for 4-5 minutes.
To serve, add the glazed veal cheeks on the side, add the lovage puree with the cooked asparagus, hazelnuts and gribiche.

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