Roast Guinea Fowl with truffle, madeira boudin and root vegetables



Premium Supplier 30th January 2020

Roast Guinea Fowl with truffle, madeira boudin and root vegetables

120 min

Ingredients for 4 Covers.


Guinea Fowl

  • 2 free range guinea fowl 1 Litre of CHEF All Natural chicken stock 3 sprigs of thyme 50g unsalted butter

Truffle and Madeira Boudin

  • 4x Guinea fowl leg meat boned and diced 200g chicken breast diced 1 Tbsp. Truffle paste 3 banana shallot 1 clove garlic 150ml Madeira 150ml single cream 1 free range egg 2g Salt 2g Pepper

Root Vegetables

  • 300g celeriac 300g Jerusalem artichoke 200g purple heritage carrot 50 g duck fat 4 sprigs thyme 2g salt 2g pepper

Lovage Oil:

  • 100g Lovage leaves 50g Parsley leaves 175g Vegetable oil

Finishing Emulsion:

  • 25 g egg white 1 g salt 2 g lemon juice 150 ml Lovage oil 0.6g Xanthan Gum 25 ml CHEF Chicken Natural Stock 10 ml Water

To Plate

  • Chervil sprigs



1 For the guinea fowl, prepare the bird by removing the wishbone, legs and wings and set aside. Trim the carcass leaving only the crown. Remove the meat from the legs and reserve for the boudin. Roast the bones and wings until golden brown.
Transfer to a saucepan and add the chicken stock. Reduce to 2/3 and infuse the thyme for 5 minutes pass through a fine sieve. Rub the butter over the crown and season. Roast in a hot oven for 35 minutes until golden brown. Set aside to rest.
2 For the boudin, sweat the finely diced shallot and garlic in a pan till translucent, add the Madeira and reduce by half. Leave to cool. Blend the diced meats in a food processor to a smooth paste, seasoning with the salt and pepper.
Fold in the crea, truffle paste and egg. Place in a piping bag and pipe into Clingfilm then roll and tie into the boudin shape. Refrigerate. Place in a vacuum bag and seal at medium pressure.
Place in a water bath at 90C for 20 minutes, cool in iced water. Remove the boudin from the Clingfilm and portion with a sharp knife. Finish in a pan to colour them lightly.
3 For the root vegetables, peel and dice the vegetables to 5cm. Place 2 pans on a high heat and divide the duck fat between the 2 pans. Place the carrot in one and the celeriac and artichokes in the other, season them.
Cook until coloured, add the thyme to both pans and finish in a hot oven till cooked and nicely coloured.
4 For the Lovage Oil, Combine all the ingredients in a Thermomix, set the temperature to 90C and blend on high speed for 7 min. Pass through a fine sieve and chill over ice until cold.
5 For the Emulsion, Mix egg white, salt and lemon juice in a Thermomix and turn to speed 5 for 3 min. Reduce the speed to 3 and mix in the ½ of the oil a little at a time.
Adjust the texture with the chicken all Natural stock and Xanthan Gum. Mix in the rest of the oil and water a little at a time and season the emulsion with salt and pepper.
6 To Plate, carve the breasts from the crown, re-heat the boudins in a hot oven for 3 minutes. Arrange, add sauce and garnish with chervil.