Duck Breast Red Wine Green Peppercorn Butter and Tarragon Butter



Premium Supplier 2nd April 2020

Duck Breast Red Wine Green Peppercorn Butter and Tarragon Butter

150 min

Makes 4 covers


duck breast

  • 2 Gressingham duck breast 500ml 10% Salt brine 1/2 tsp juniper

red portwine sauce

  • 500ml Veal All Natural Stock 250ml Chicken All Natural Stock 3 Tbsp. CHEF Signature red wine paste 200g Silver skin baby onions

Red Wine Green Peppercorn and Tarragon Butter

  • 200g unsalted butter at room temp 2 Tbsp. CHEF Signature red wine paste 75ml water 150g banana shallot 50g green peppercorn 25g chopped tarragon

Pickled Celeriac and apple salad

  • 400g celeriac 3 granny smith apple 250ml pickling liquor
  • chard leaves to plate


For the duck, lightly crush the juniper and place in the brine. Score the skin of the duck in a criss cross pattern to help render the fat. Place the duck in the brine for 1 hour. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.
In a cold frying pan cook the duck skin side down on a low heat to render the fat and crisp the skin. Cook to a core temp of 54C and rest for 10 minutes.
For the butter, whip the butter in a planetary mixer with the whisk attachment until fluffy and pale, this will take around 40 minutes. Finely chop the shallot.
Mix the red wine paste with the water and cook all in a saucepan until the liquid has evaporated and there is ½ tbsp. of liquid remaining.
Add the green peppercorns and leave on a tray to cool, add to the whipped butter with the chopped tarragon, shallots and mix well. Refrigerated until needed.
For the celeriac and apple cut the celeriac and apple into julienne and leave in the pickling liquor for 5 minutes, drain and keep on j cloth till needed.
For the Sauce, reduce both Veal and Chicken All Natural Stock by half, whisk in the CHEF Signature Red-Portwine paste and add peeled and blanched silver skin onions for serving.
To Plate, heat the butter gently so it is just melted, do not overheat or it will split. Cut the duck breast and drain on j cloth. Arrange the apple and celeriac. Place the duck and spoon over the butter. Garnish with blanched Chard leaves.