Pommes Puree


Pommes Puree

  • Rose or Ratte or Yukon Gold Potatoes 2KG
  • Normandy Butter 600 G
  • Double Cream 400 ml
  • Salt To taste
  • White Pepper to Taste


Pommes Purees

Bake Potatoes at 170C until Tender on a bed of salt to prevent scorching. Done when easily pierced all the through.
Working Quickly remove potato skins

Pass hot potato through Ricer with Fine holes. Remember to keep it hot. Cream Should be on slow heat now.
Tamis Passing
With plastic pastry card or other pass 2 times through a fine mesh Tamis.
2 nd Time directly into preheated pot.
1. Bring Potatoes back up to temperature on stove.
2. Using a heatproof rubber spatula fold in small knobs of butter. IMportant to fold not stir.
3. Once butter is incorporated check and adjust seasoning to taste,
4 Whisk in Boiling cream.
Adjust seasons again to taste. Cover with butter paper use for next 4 hours.

Do not Refridgerate!