Red Wine Braised Shotribs

Robert Kirk

Robert Kirk

26th March 2020

Red Wine Braised Shotribs

300 min

Red Wine Braised Short Rib Pomme Puree Root Vegetables, Horseradish


Braising of Short Ribs

  • Red Wine Marinated Short Ribs Drained and Dried
  • Bacon Pancetta or Speck .450 kg
  • Vegetable Oil .250 ml
  • Shallots Peeled and split lengthwise .150 g
  • White Cooking Onions Large Dice .400 kg
  • Crushed Black Peppercorns 2 g
  • Smashed garlic 10g
  • Parsley Stems .050 kg
  • Bay Leaves 5 Piece
  • Thyme Washed 10 g
  • Red Wine 3 Btt
  • Port 1 Bttl
  • Veal Jus (See Sub Recipe)
  • Salt to Taste
  • Butchers Black Pepper


Red Wine Braised Short Ribs

1. Ensure Beef is drained well and dried before proceeding. Season Liberally
2, In a Large Sauce pot preheat oil until very hot.
3. Lay ribs into hot pan don't move until well browned very dark.
4. Turnover and same as above.
5. Sear Side of ribs as above
6. Remove and drain cooking oil from pot and return to medium heat with a bit more cooking oil brown pork same as above.
7. Using rendered pork fat brown off mirepoix ingredients 1 by 1 until golden brown hold on side.
Return Mirepoix Ribs Redwine and Port aromatics to braising pot or pan. Bring to the boil and flame until all alcohol burned off. Ensure ribs well covered and equally submerged Add Veal Jus. Bring to a strong simmer.boil and perform skimming for appx 10 minutes. Reduce heat cover with grease paper cartouche. Continue cooking at a slight boil on the stove top where you can watch and skim it as needed. (Do Not oven Braise). Skim Constantly and adjust seasoning during cooking be careful not to over season as braising liquid will be reduced for fininshing sauce. Turn the pot 90 degrees ever 30 minutes ensure even cooking. After 2-3 hours of simmering it is time to start checking tenderness. Pierce with sharp knife and check resistance, keep cooking until knife pierces meat evenly.
When tender, gently remove ribs gently with spider. Strain sauce pour a little over ribs then grease proof paper, and weigh down refreidgerate overnight. Reduce Sauce to proper cositancy.
For Service remove grease paper and turn out onto cutting board. Remove and large areas of fat by cutting in sides in V shape. Portion to 170 G Rectangles. Vacuum with 100 Ml finished sauce. Store refrigerated until service
For service reheat quickly in 85C thermo circulator until pick up.

For Pick up Cut open bag place in small pot with sauce with small butter paper to retain heat.

Place Pomme Puree on plate or large bowl. Followed by rib and sauce at just.
Complete with garish root vegetable Carrot Baby Turnip.
Poor sauce over remaining sauce finish with Chervil serve.