Veal Jus Part #1 (Base)

Robert Kirk

Robert Kirk

26th March 2020

Veal Jus Part #1 (Base)

600 min

Basic Naturally Thickened base for sauces in professional kitchens. Replacing Demi Glaze, Espagnole in modern cookery. No Flour used as thickener.
Veal Jus should be a basic plain rich flavor it is a platform to take on carry other flavors so must be neutral but clean and rich on the palette.
This recipe produces perfect consistency for quick sauce making. Thus reducing flavor loss or change over long sauce making processes.


Veal Jus Part#1

  • Veal Bones 4 inch cut 40 Kg
  • Water 35 L
  • Celeriac Large Dice 1 Kg
  • Carrot Split Lengthwise 1 Large
  • Cooking Onions 1/4 3 Kg
  • Cooking Oil 400Ml
  • Calves Foot Split or Pork Trotter Split 1
  • Garlic Smashed 1 Head
  • Coriander Seeds 2 Handfuls
  • Black Peppercorns Whole 1 Handful
  • Thyme 1/2 Bunch
  • Parsley Stems 1/2 Bunch
  • Tomato Paste 200 g
  • Bay Leaves 8 Pieces
  • Red Wine


Roasting Bones for Veal Jus

Place Veal bones in large roasting pans making sure to give them space to roast evenly.

Directly into Oven at 170 C

Cook 2-3 hours turning occasionally.

Bones will be deep golden brown when roasted Properly
Remove Bones and Deglaze Roasting Panns.

Remove bones from roasting pan to large collander over a bowl to drain fat.

Meanwhile line up roasting pans over medium heat. Beging to deglaze each pan and collect fond to go back into jus.
Mirepoix Roasting Preparation
In a large clean sauce pot add vegetable oil and caramelised 1 type of vegetable at a time. Remove and set aside.
1. Carrots (Golden)
2. Celeriac (Golden
3.Onions (Brown)
4. Lightly brown garlic.
5. Return all ingredients to pan and add Tomato paste.
6. Cook over low fire until tomato paste thoroughly cooked.

Starting Stock:
Put Roasted Bones in large pot or kettle cover with cold water. Set up a skimming station.
Bring to the boil over high heat and immediately reduce to a simmer.
Skim properly all oil and debris released from bones in next 1.2 hour.
Adding Mirepoix Fond and Aromatics
Once stock skimmed appropriately time to add vegetables tomato paste mixture as well as the fond from deglazing. Continue skimming frequently. Important to maintain a simmer and not a rolling boil or emulsification
Maintaining and Cooking Time:
Cook while skimming very frequently for 12 hours 1/2 way through add the trotter of Calves foot.
1. Using a large pot strain finished stock through a Chinois into another pot.
3. Put stock back on stove to skim and simmer for another 45 minutes. Chill and reserve for Part 2
Remoulliage: Return bones to kettle add water and cook for 4 hours.
Strain Chill and reserve for next First step veal jus production.