Chef Josh Overington creates a Nutaaq cod recipe cooked over coals with a smoked fish broth

Royal Greenland

Royal Greenland

Standard Supplier 11th January 2019

Chef Josh Overington creates a Nutaaq cod recipe cooked over coals with a smoked fish broth

Chef patron Josh Overington from Le Cochon Aveugle creates a recipe using Royal Greenland Nutaaq cod. The fish is cooked over coals and finished with a smoked fish broth. Josh explains how the skin of the fish is important when cooking it over coals. Watch as Josh takes us through each step of this recipe, and see the finished dish.

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See the full recipe below:
Serves 4
serves 4
Smoked Fish Broth
1kg smoked fish bones
2L water
2L apple juice
1 sheet kombu
white soy sauce (to taste)
2 egg whites

Pickled Sea Weed
250g dulse sea weed
25g Water
50g Lemon vinegar
50g Sugar
tsp Salt

Nutaaq® cod
1kg smoked fish bones 1-2 fillets, trimmed and portioned into 4 pieces
Sea salt

To Finish
cured pork cheek thinly sliced, spring onion finely chopped, bone marrow soaked in water and portioned to bite size pieces, toasted nori

Nutaaq® cod
Liberally salt the flesh of the cod and let it sit to lightly cure for 25 minutes. After the fish has cured, gently wipe all the excess salt from the outside of the cod fillets with a towel. Set aside until ready to use.

Smoked Fish Broth
Roast fish bones in oven until golden brown. Add the bones, water and apple juice together in a
large saucepan and bring to the boil. Once boiling, remove from heat and add the kombu. Infuse for 30 minutes whilst cooling and then strain. Once cooled, mix in the egg white and slowly heat to clarify the liquor. Pass through muslin. Finish by seasoning to taste with white soy sauce.

To serve
Gently BBQ the cod portions until the fish is cooked through. Allow to rest for 3 minutes.
Once rested, place fish in a bowl and garnish with the guanciale, toasted nori, bone marrow, spring onion and pickled sea weed. Bring the clarified fish broth to the boil and pour around the fish and over the ingredients, making sure to soak the nori and submerge the bone marrow and guanciale.
Serve immediately.

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