Fork Magazine - your essential guide to local organic and seasonal food

The  Staff Canteen

The Staff Canteen

Editor 25th February 2011

Strikingly independent Fork magazine offers a refreshing alternative to the usual fare of food magazines. As an independent, we are well positioned to offer the more informed reader an unbiased and expert opinion - and for this reason are trusted by foodies and have established a loyal following.

Who are we?

With a roster of award-winning food and drink journalists including Editor Mark Taylor who has written about food for UK newspapers and magazines for over 12 years, columnist Fiona Beckett (The Guardian), writer Douglas Blyde (formerly of Harpers), Matthew Biggs (BBC4 Radio - Gardeners Question Time) and Oliver Thring (Guardian) as well as artisan food producers including Tom Herbert and Rob Wing, Fork is well stocked with insider knowledge and ready to cover any culinary angle.

What is Fork?

We are a magazine which puts provenance and seasonality before celebrity and fashion. We bring to the fore underexposed producers and artisans who have something special and different to offer. We celebrate these artisans, producers and rising stars with the simple intention of spreading word about great food, and aim to inform as many food-loving individuals as possible. You won't find Ramsay splashed on our front cover. Celebrity chefs are an unnecessary distraction!

How often is Fork published?

Fork is a bi-monthly magazine and perfectly suited to covering UK's seasonal food cycles. Ask us for details of our special food supplements.

Where is Fork distributed?

We distribute Fork to delicatessens, food shops, hotels and restaurants, farmers' markets and gastropubs across the South and South West of England. Stockists include Hobbs House Bakery, Bordeaux Quay & The Better Food Company. Major retailers include Waitrose and Wholefoods. We also have a growing number of subscribers who receive Fork straight to their door.

Where can I pick up a copy of Fork?

The best way to secure your copy is by phoning our dedicated hotline on 0117 3148341 or by visiting us online - otherwise one of our many independent stockists.

Why should I advertise in Fork?

Fork appeals to food lovers, people who care about their food and where it comes from. Once a good source has been found these customers remain faithful, so you retain consistent sales.  Our honest, detailed and quality editorial in Fork ensures readers trust in our opinions, reviews and recommendations. If we haven't tasted what we're writing about it doesn't get mentioned. Advertising in Fork allows you to communicate the same values to a potential customer and win business.  Fork is distributed in foodie places such as delicatessens and gastropubs so it's picked up by people who love good grub - putting advertisers directly into the hands of your next customer, without wastage.

Who reads Fork?

The average Fork reader is moderately well-off, shops for food at farmers' markets, specialist food shops and when they aren't cooking it themselves, they are enjoying great food in gastropubs, restaurants and establishments where local, seasonal, organic ingredients are central to the menu.  Fork is expanding - whether it's a farm shop, farmer's market, deli, gastropub or Michelin-rated restaurant, we aim to cover your area!

 When did you launch?

We launched Fork just over 2 years ago.

What can I expect to find in Fork?

  •  Restaurant reviews
  • News and Events
  • Food issues
  • Products reviews
  • Grow Your Own
  • A comprehensive list of Farmers' Markets
  • Recipes
  • Book reviews
  • Food features from across the globe
  • Competitions and giveaways.

What does the future hold for Fork?

With increased national distribution, expect future issues to be bigger yet still predominantly feature-focused, eschewing the same Fork values that have made our magazine a success to date.
The  Staff Canteen

The Staff Canteen

Editor 25th February 2011

Fork Magazine - your essential guide to local organic and seasonal food