The Staff Canteen Live 2020: Robin Gill and Emma Underwood answer your questions!

The  Staff Canteen

The Staff Canteen

Editor 20th February 2020

We're excited to be taking a stellar line-up of chefs For The Staff Canteen Live At HRC with us on March 3rd, 4th and 5th - including Jason Atherton, Tom Kerridge, Angela HartnettSimon Hulstone and Michel Roux Jr

They will be on stage with a member of their team and cook for the live audience attending the event, showcasing emblematic dishes on the menu at their iconic restaurants. 

We know you can't contain your excitement, don't worry there are only a few more weeks to go but to keep you going until then our guest chefs will all be taking over our Instagram so you can ask them anything you want.

First up was Sally Abé, head chef at London's only Michelin-starred pub, The Harwood Arms, followed by trailblazing duo Sandia Chang and  James Knappett plus chef Michel Roux Jr. This week it was the turn of Robin Gill and Emma Underwood from Darby's in London.

Here are your questions - answered!

what woud be your death row meal?

Robin: A beautiful lasagne, a nice big salad and a bottle of wine... keep it simple.

Emma: Darby's crispy potatoes.

What's your unpopular food opinion?

Robin: I hate sticky toffee pudding, I don't get it it's too sweet.

Emma: I hate cured meats, which is a shame as we make lovely ones here [Darby's].

Should pineapple on a pizza be banned?

Emma: No I really like it.

Robin: Yes, it doesn't have any place on pizza - it should be in a tin and that's it.

where do you find inspiration for new dishes?

Robin: It is inspired by everyone we work with. So, the Bean family in Cornwall where we get all of our fish, we work very closely with Natoora who update us with all the produce from the independent farmers they work with and Neils Yard and their cheeses. Things like that dictate what goes on the menu one hundred percent.

what are you cooking at Tsclive?

Robin: Cornish crab, fried CackleBean egg and coastal vegetables.

how will back and front of house come together on stage at hrc?

Emma: I'll polish some cutlery and pour some nice wine!

Robin: We'll do some wine pairing and talk about how front of house and bacck of house work together.

favourite course: starter, main or dessert? 

Robin: Starter - when your starving starter comes first so I'd be more careful about my starter choice.

Emma: Starter - they are often more adventurous.

what is your guilty pleasure food? 

Robin: MEATLiquor Monkey Fingers and chilli cheese fries.

Emma: Darby's brown sauce on taost.

whose episode of ticky off was better?

Emma: Mine

Robin: Mine

Robin Gill and Emma Underwood's appearance on stage at HRC is sponsored by Westlands and Santa Maria

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  • Gareth Bartram will be taking over our Instagram for an Ask Me Anything on 21/02/2020 at 1pm.

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The  Staff Canteen

The Staff Canteen

Editor 20th February 2020

The Staff Canteen Live 2020: Robin Gill and Emma Underwood answer your questions!