Woman Behind the Chef: Anna Haugh

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Editor 22nd February 2017

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In the build up to The Staff Canteen Live 2017 - supported by Westlands, at the International Food and Drink Event (IFE) 2017, we are taking a closer look at the chefs who will be joining us on stage.

We dig a little deeper to find out what they are hiding under those chef whites – next up is Anna Haugh, executive chef at Bob Bob Ricard and formerly of Pied à Terre which holds a star in the Michelin Guide UK.

Anna Haugh is the executive chef at Bob Bob Ricard. She has previously worked in a number of Michelin-starred kitchens under the likes of Shane Osborn at Pied à Terre and Phil Howard at the Square, before opening Gordon Ramsay’s London House.

Originally from Ireland, Anna’s career began in Dublin at the Michelin-starred L’Écrivain under Derry Clarke.

Anna discovered her love of cooking through being in the kitchen with her mother and her latest challenge is relaunching the menu at Bob Bob Ricard.

Anna Haugh
Anna Haugh

What item of food do you hate cooking?

Sweet potato. I hate it.

What food, if any, are you allergic to?

Crap food.

What’s your favourite ingredient to work with?

The spice Caraway.

What’s your guilty pleasure food?

A microwaved cheddar cheese cracker. When I was a kid I used to microwave cheese (well actually when we bought our first microwave I microwaved the world and its mother, exploding eggs, weird apple tarts, even whole chickens). Anyway, I used to love to microwave cheddar cheese into what I called a cheddar cheese cracker…it used to be the size of a giant cookie. I’m proud that my arteries are still fighting to keep me alive to this day.

What three ingredients would you take with you to a desert island and why?

I’d bring things that would remind me of home. I mean, I’m on an island hopefully there are some plants to eat and fish in the sea. Barry’s tea, Tesco Brand jaffa cakes (only tesco ones, they’re the one brand that have the ratio of soft sponge and jelly correct) and champagne.

If you weren’t a chef what would you be?

A teacher or a dictator.

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What radio station do you listen to in the kitchen?

Radio Cilian, a CDP I have terrorizes us with his choice in melodramatic love music as he gazes across at his not so secret crush.

What other kitchen would you most like to work in?

Apart from a pace kitchen, which I’m assuming everyone else said, I would love to work with Myrtle or Darina Allen in Ballymaloe, the original foragers.

Traditional cooking methods or modern techniques?

Traditional to cook but I do love to dine out to see what the most forward thinking chefs of our generation are creating. I respect that we need both style.

Why did you choose to get involved with TSC Live?

It’s a platform to see chefs that inspire me. I found it a huge compliment to be asked.

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The  Staff Canteen

The Staff Canteen

Editor 22nd February 2017

Woman Behind the Chef: Anna Haugh