Smoked maple cured salmon, cucumber, horseradish and oyster emulsion, herring caviar

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Smoked maple cured salmon, cucumber, horseradish and oyster emulsion, herring caviar

A popular choice due to its versatile flavour, salmon is a delicious addition to any recipe. Put your culinary skills to the test with the following Smoked maple cured salmon, cucumber, horseradish and oyster emulsion, herring caviar recipe by Nathan Eades from Simpsons Restaurant which holds a star in the Michelin Guide UK


  • For the salmon:
  • 6 x 25g Coho Salmon pave fillets, sushi prepped, pin boned. Cure day before
  • 50g table salt
  • 50g maple sugar
  • 4 tbs brandy
  • 8 tbs smoked oil
  • For the cucumber:
  • ½ cucumber
  • 100ml of maple vinegar
  • 100ml dry white wine
  • 100g maple sugar
  • For the cucumber and horseradish emulsion:
  • 2 cucumbers, peeled and deseeded
  • 100g peeled horseradish
  • 2 shallots
  • 100ml maple vinegar
  • 2tbsp maple sugar
  • For the mayonnaise:
  • 30g pasteurised egg yolk
  • ½ lemon juice
  • Grapeseed oil
  • For the ketchup:
  • 200g cucumber
  • 50g maple vinegar
  • 1tbsp maple sugar
  • MSK ultratex to thicken
  • The sauce:
  • 100ml of reserved cucumber juice
  • 50g finished oyster mayonnaise
  • Dill oil:
  • 500g picked dill
  • 1L sunflower oil
  • Garnish:
  • 4 tbs herring caviar
  • 12-piece baby salad burnet
  • 12-piece baby borage leaves


serves 6
For the salmon:
Mix the salt and sugar together.
Completely coat the salmon with the salt/sugar.
Spoon over 1tbs brandy over each fillet and allow to ‘salt’ for 1 hour.
Submerge in ice water for 1 minute.
Pat the fish dry with a cloth.
In a vacuum pack bag place the salmon and 2tbs of smoked oil and vacuum pack on full.
Cook the salmon in a pre-heated water bath at 40ºC for 12 minutes.
Submerge into ice water until completely cold.
Take the salmon out of the bag, trim the edges to square off the salmon and cut into squares.
Reserve for service.
For the cucumber:
In a pan, place the vinegar, wine and sugar; bring to the boil. Allow to cool completely.
Peel the skin off the cucumber.
Rub a clean cucumber with a wire scorer to round off the cucumber; making a perfect circle.
Thinly slice the cucumber into circles; about 2mm thick.
Place the sliced cucumber in a vacuum pack bag, not overlapping.
Add 4tbs of the pickling liquor to the bag and vac on full.
Allow to ‘pickle’ for at least 1 hour.
Reserve for service.
For the cucumber and horseradish emulsion:
Place all ingredients into a blender and blend on high
Pass through a superbag or muslin cloth; squeezing all the liquid out
Reserve for service
For the mayonnaise:
In a blender, puree the egg yolk and lemon juice.
Emulsify the grapeseed oil to the puree until thick.
Reserve for service
For the ketchup:
Place the cucumber, vinegar and sugar until smooth.
Pass through a chinois.
Whisk in ultratex, 1tbs at a time, until the ketchup has reached whipped cream consistency.
The sauce:
Blend until smooth
Reserve for service, making sure it is very well chilled.
Dill oil:
Place all the dill into a thermomix and with half of the oil; puree until smooth.
Add the rest of the oil.
Set the thermomix to 90ºC; once the thermomix has reached 90ºC blend on full for 5 minutes.
Chill over ice.
Once chilled, pass through a superbag or muslin cloth overnight.
Reserve for service
To assemble:
Place the two slices of salmon into the bowl.
Place the cucumber over the salmon, making sure you overlap each cucumber.
Garnish each piece of salmon with caviar.
Sporadically place the picked burnet and borage leaves onto the salmon.
Place 30g of the finished sauce into a jug and split the sauce with 1tbs of dill oil.
Pour over into the bowl.