Lobster Cream Sauce

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Lobster Cream Sauce

Lobster Cream Sauce recipe. Serve your Lobster Cream Sauce with gently poached Sole or baked loin of Cod, you can add chopped fresh herbs and English Mustard for a rich tasting dish. Add any cooking juices from the fish to the finished sauce. The American, or Maine lobster, thought to be the biggest and best of its kind, along with the smaller European lobster are the two most popular varieties amongst the species that are used in recipes. Take your cooking to the next level with the following lobster cream sauce recipe.


  • 10g Butter.
  • 50g Finely chopped shallot.
  • 50ml Dry white wine.
  • 4g Essential Cuisine Fish Stock Mix.
  • 125ml Double cream.
  • 7g Essential Cuisine Lobster Glace
  • Good Twist of freshly ground pepper.
  • Season to your taste.


Melt butter in a suitable pan and add the chopped shallots, fry gently until they are tender, with not too much colour.
Pour in the white wine and reduce by two thirds on a high heat.
Add the Essential Cuisine Fish Stock Mix whisk briskly.
Stir in the double cream and return to the boil once more,
Stir in the Essential Cuisine Lobster Glace and heat gently.
As the sauce reaches a coating consistency remove from the heat.
Finally season to your taste and your Lobster Cream Sauce is ready to serve.
Click here for a video guide to the recipe.