Roasted Skrei , buttered spinach, clams, poached cod cheeks and fish sauce

Simon Hulstone

Simon Hulstone

8th February 2016

Roasted Skrei , buttered spinach, clams, poached cod cheeks and fish sauce

Cod is a fantastically flaky fish that offers the versatility to be paired with a range of delicious flavours - Why not give the Roasted Skrei , buttered spinach, clams, poached cod cheeks and fish sauce recipe a try yourself? As part of The Staff Canteen Live 2016, Tickets are still available and can be purchased here - If you are unable to get a ticket for the event, it will be streamed live in real time direct onto The Staff Canteen YouTube channel -


  • Skrei 

  • cod cheeks 100g

  • clams 24 

  • spinach 200g
banana shallots 3

  • clove of garlic 1

  • Red wine 50ml

  • sugar 15g

  • vinigar 10ml 

  • white wine 150ml 

  • mussels 2kg

  • fennel 1

  • pernod 200ml

  • double cream 400ml 

  • girolles mushrooms  50g 


Ask your fish monger  for line caught Skrei and get them to scale, gut and fillet for you. you will also need  fresh mussels and the cod cheeks.  Trim Skrei into 4 portions of fish refrigerate until needed.

Heat deap sauce pan once hot add mussels, sliced fennel and Pernod cover with lid. steam until all mussels have opened, once cooked drain liquid off and pass through a siv return to the heat and reduce by half.  

Bring red wine sugar and vinegar to the boil add 1 of the shallots cut into rings and allow to cool in liqure. 

Sweat shallots and garlic in a pan until soft add white wine and reduce until syrup add mussel stock and bring to the boil, for 2 to 3 mins add double cream and reduce by half, blend sauce for a few minutes and leave to one side until needed. 
Prep cod cheeks removing any sinew, salt the cheeks for 5 minutes. once complete wash and dry the cheeks and place in a steamer for 5 mins. once cooked put in ice cold water, dry off cut to 1.5 cm diced cubes refrigerate until needed. Clean and wash mushrooms , place to one side until needed. 


Heat a frying pan, add oil to the pan once hot cook the skrei skin side down until skin is golden, once done turn fish once cooked both side place to one side. Cook spinach in a little butter and drain once ready. steam clams in white wine , once opened drain liquid.

Heat fish sauce add cod cheeks and chopped parsley. 

Heat mushrooms in oil, butter and salt until cooked.

In a round bowl, put spinach in the middle of the bowl, place 6 of the open clams around the spinach add each piece of cooked cod cheek to the open clams. add 6 mushrooms to the dish between each clam. drizzle the fish sauce over the clams and mushrooms place the Skrei on top  of the spinach top the dish with red wine pickle shallots and herbs.