Turbot, squid ink cake, tempura samphire, razor clams

Daniel Clifford

Daniel Clifford

11th February 2016

Turbot, squid ink cake, tempura samphire, razor clams

Turbot is a large, saltwater flatfish known for its firm, white flesh and delicate flavour, dry-heat methods of cooking such as baking, roasting, grilling and pan-frying are recommended for a flavoursome finish – Take a look at the following Turbot, squid ink cake, tempura samphire, razor clams recipe as tried and tested by our professional chefs. As part of The Staff Canteen Live 2016 - Skillery, Daniel Clifford will be creating his turbot recipe with a squid ink cake, tempura samphire and razor clams for his demonstration at Hotelympia - supported by the Craft Guild of Chefs and in association with Westlands. Tickets are still available and can be purchased here- www.hotelympia.com/whats-on/the-staff-canteen-skilleryIf you are unable to get a ticket the event will be streamed live in real time direct onto The Staff Canteen YouTube channel- www.youtube.com/user/StaffCanteen


  • • Braised fish
  • • Salt baked surf clam
  • • Sous vide razor clams
  • • Seaweed tempura sea plantain
  • • Scorched Cuttlefish disk
  • • Braisage sauce
  • • Sea arrow root
  • • Seaweed & ink microwave cake
  • • Broon Flowers –borage flowers
  • Seaweed tempura sea plantain
  • 250 flour
  • 10g Powdered nori sea weed sheets
  • 10 corn flour
  • 20 baking soda
  • pinch salt
  • soda water to consistency
  • Cuttlefish disk
  • 3 kilo cleaned dice cuttlefish
  • 10g salt
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • Seaweed & ink microcake
  • 150gr ground almonds
  • 420gr egg whites
  • 160 gr yolks
  • 75 gr sugar
  • 80 gr flour
  • 145g nitro seaweed powder
  • 60g squid ink
  • Salt Baked Clams 2 minutes cooking time.
  • 300g cockles
  • 200g fine salt
  • Braised sauce
  • nolly prat
  • white wine
  • crème fraiche
  • fish stock
  • sliced shallot
  • sliced mushroom


Seaweed tempura sea plantain:

Mix all together, then dip in the sea plantain and deep fry for thirty seconds at 180 degrees.

Cuttlefish disk:

In the Thermo blender, blitz the cuttlefish for around 2-3 minutes until it makes a thick smooth puree. Next pass through a fine drum sieve. Season the mix with the salt and lemon, then place 250g in a medium sous vide bag, seal right at the top. Put through the pasta machine down to number 10, Cooked in a water bath at 52° for 20 minutes (make sure sheet is completely flat), then chill in ice water. To serve cut out disks, brush with olive oil and scorch with a blow torch, finish with Maldon salt and lemon zest.

Sous vide razor clams:

Rinse the clams for 5-10 minutes under ice cold water, to remove any sand or grit. Then sous vide with salt, lemon juice and olive oil. Cook in a water bath for 12 minutes at 48°, then chill in ice water. Once chilled remove the muscle from the shell and slice into 2mm thick diamond shapes. Re-heat in the sauce to serve.

Seaweed & ink microcake:

Place all ingredients in to the vita prep, blitz until fine, but be careful not to over heat and cook eggs. Place in to a canister and charge 2 times.

Pipe contents in to a 1 kg purée container, cook in microwave for 90 seconds on 700w

Let cool and freeze. To serve tare small chunks and toast in the oven.

Braised Sauce – (a la minute):

Sweat finely sliced shallots & mushroom in a little butter, deglaze the pan with half-half mix of white wine & nolly prat, reduce by half, Add fish stock to the pan bring to a gentle simmer then submerged the seasoned fillet of turbot in the stock, cover with a cartouche, bake in the oven at 135° for 4 minutes. Remove the fish from the pan and leave to rest for 1-2 minutes. Strain the stock, and reduce rapidly in a sauce pan, add crème fraiche, once at the right consistency, monte in the marrow butter, season with salt and lemon juice.

Salt Baked Clams:

Line the base of a shallow pan with the salt, then place the clams on the salt. Cover the pan with a lid and place onto a high heat. Depending on the size of the clams cook, for one to two minutes, until they are just starting to open. Remove the lid, pick the clam mussel out of the shell, season with lemon juice, but no added salt is needed, as they’ve cooked in a salted steam vapour.