Peanut Butter Parfait, served with chocolate gnache

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Essential Cuisine

Premium Supplier 17th October 2014

Peanut Butter Parfait, served with chocolate gnache

Dessert prepared by Louise Williams in the Flintshire Heat of the North West Young Chef Competition 2014


  • •75g sugar
  • •300ml Cream
  • •Splash white wine
  • •4 eggs
  • •Peanut Butter
  • Honey Tuiles
  • •50g flour
  • •50g honey
  • •100g sugar
  • •50g butter
  • •Splash of Water
  • Chocolate Gnache
  • •90g 53% choc
  • •80ml cream
  • •40ml whipped cream
  • •20g sugar
  • Caramelized Hazel Nuts
  • •Hazel nuts
  • •Sugar


1.Make sabayon (heat eggs yolks, sugar and white wine over baine marie)
2.Whisk cream until soft peaks
3.Combine and add in melted peanut butter
4.Put in moulds in freeze.
1.To make the Honey Tuiles mix cream butter and sugar
2.Heat honey and water
3.Combine and add flour,
4.Spread on silpat sheet and cook for 10mins at 170.
1.For the chocolate gnache heat 80ml cream, and sugar and choc until melted
2.Cool and bring to room temperature
3.Add whipped cream put in fridge to set.