Hay froth veloute

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Standard Supplier 1st October 2013

Hay froth veloute

Hay froth/veloute
From Andy Mcfadden, L'Autre Pied
Component of the Roast Breasts & Confit Legs of Grouse with Beetroot, Black Pudding, Blackberries & Toasted Hay recipe www.thestaffcanteen.com/recipe/roast-breasts-confit-legs-of-grouse-with-beetroot-black-pudding-blackberries-toasted-hay/


  • 60g hay
  • 1 litre chick stock
  • 500g cream
  • 10g salt


Toast the hay, add to boiling stock/cream. Infuse for 30mins. Add half the cream after the cooking process. Strain. Use as a froth.