Michelin star chef Matt Worswick creates a Roasted Anjou pigeon and Weiss chocolate sauce recipe

Ritter Courivaud

Ritter Courivaud

Standard Supplier 18th January 2019

Michelin star chef Matt Worswick creates a Roasted Anjou pigeon and Weiss chocolate sauce recipe

Michelin Star Chef Matt Worswick from The Latymer restaurant at Pennyhill Park creates a Roasted Anjou pigeon recipe with wild mushroom vol au vent, cep and Weiss chocolate. The Weiss chocolate is a 65% smoked chocolate from Ritter Courivard (rittercourivaud.co.uk/). Matt cooks the pigeon on the bone, takes off the breast and serves this with a wild mushroom vol-au-vent, and Weiss chocolate sauce.

See Matt’s full recipe below or click here: www.thestaffcanteen.com/users/wall/5821/Ritter-Courivaud

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Anjou pigeon 1
Red wine jus
25kg veal bones (alcohol reduction)
22 pigs trotter split
3 bottles ruby port
20 beef knuckles
3 bottles red wine
2 large tins tomatoes
3 bottles sherry
2 bulbs garlic
0.5 bunch thyme

Roast of veal bones and knuckles until golden at 180c. Reduce tins of tomatoes by half and add to stock pots with bones and garlic and thyme. Cover with water. Reduce alcohol separately to a glaze and add to stock after it has simmered for 6 hours and pass off from bones. Reduce stock to a jus consistency and pass through double muslin.

Mushroom ketchup
3kg chestnut mushrooms (reduction)
45g Maldon sea salt
240g red wine
170g red wine vinegar
9g gellen type F
2 shallots
4 cloves

Pulse mushrooms in thermomix until broken down. Mix with salt and be very rough and vigorous with mixing in to release as much juice as possible. Leave to hang in fridge overnight and keep juice.
Combine all reduction ingredients and reduce to 25g of juice
Weigh in thermomix 780g mushroom juice and 20g of reduction and 9g gellen type F
Set thermo to 100c and mix until reaches 95c and turn onto full speed for 1 minute and scrape sides and mix again a further minute. Chill over ice until set and re-blitz until smooth gel consistency. Bottle till required.

Mixed wild mushroom duxelle
250g trompette mushrooms finely chopped
250g girolles finely chopped
250g chanterelles finely chopped
250g shitake mushrooms finely chopped
200g shallots finely chopped
20g shop brought mushroom ketchup
5g truffle oil
Sweat shallots in pan, when translucent add the mushrooms and cook out all the juices from the mushrooms until they start to go dry, season with truffle oil and ketchup and salt. Chill until required.

Vol au vant
1 block pure butter puff pastry
Egg wash
Fluted Pastry cutter 50mm
Fluted pastry cutter 30mm
Cut the puff pastry into quarters evenly.
Using rolling machine between parchment paper roll to 3mm thickness.
Chill down pastry then cut with the 50mm fluted cutter to create the base.
Then cut again with the 50mm cutter then again with the 30mm cutter on the same disc to create a ring to go over the base, make 3 ring and egg wash each one and place on top of the base.
Bake in oven @180c fan speed 2 with a perforated tray on top to stop the cases rising too far. Bake for 30 minutes.

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